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Welcome to SocietÓ di Danza - Imola

School Dances XIX Century

The Company of Dance is a cultural association founded by Fabio M˛llica
in Bologna in 1991.
Performs work of historical research in the field of nineteenth-century tradition of dances , combining philological precision in the interpretation of the old dance manuals , with the ability to recreate , giving new life, old dances in contemporary social contexts . The association tends to revive dances that belong to the European tradition and that have been lost in the course of the twentieth century : quadrilles , contradances , waltzes , polkas and mazurkas figures.

The work of the Association tends to rediscover the artistic technique in the nineteenth century was the subject of interest of these dances of the greatest masters of dance of the time even before a phenomenon of mass entertainment .

From April 2010, the Company of Dance has opened a new office in Imola, where courses are regularly held dances and Scottish society of nineteenth-century tradition .



For more information:
tel. 328 0096999 - 339 5820058 - 333 8707852

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